Brandless was born while contemplating the thought process behind brand names. The brand with a satirical ideology behind its identity ventured with aesthetics and quality as its core values. Aanchal Mittal, the founder and creative director for the brand chose to create products that reflected minimalistic design and quality of product while seamlessly blending with aesthetics. Brandless as a brand is old school in its beliefs and does not promote fast fashion as a way of keeping pace with the constantly changing fashion trends.

Brand Image

A rule breaker since inception, Brandless aims at making a statement with accessories for both men and women. Each product is bespoke and handcrafted with detailing and luxury at its core.  Brandless is a blend of old school charisma and natural grace of the street. The defined shapes, genuine leather, and colour palette lend a refreshing edge to monochromatic life. Brandless believes in finding beauty in the imperfections and rawness of the natural leather. 



Brandless started its journey with Aanchal Mittal, an alumna of NIFT, Delhi as both the captain and crew of the brand. In a span of two years, she has built a strong team of craftsmen, artisans, assistant designers, marketing and tech experts. Today, Brandless has carved a niche for itself in the industry and among its patrons for the uniqueness, flawless designs, and superior quality of products.

Brandless was born in 2015 when a dream of building a legacy was woven by a girl who revels in challenges. Aanchal Mittal, a NIFT graduate in leather design created and conceptualised a brand that reflects her passion and a unique sense of design. Handcrafted and wrapped in luxury, every stitch and mark carries in its depth a treasure trove of stories to be told. Brandless nurtures in its core an experience that would stay for a lifetime.